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Colloque international: “Sensing Divinity: Incense, Religion and the Ancient Sensorium”, Rome, 23-24 Juin 2017

Colloque international organisé par Mark Bradley (University of Nottingham), Béatrice Caseau (Paris IV), Adeline Grand-Clément (Toulouse Jean-Jaurès/IUF), Anne-Caroline Rendu-Loisel (Toulouse Jean Jaurès), Alexandre Vincent (University of Poitiers) Lieu: British School in Rome (23 Juin) et l’Ecole française de Rome (24 juin) Inscription préalable (avant le 14 Juin 2017) sur le site Eventbrite This conference will explore the history of a medium that has occupied a pivotal role in Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian religious tradition: incense. According to Margaret E. Kenna in her provocative 2005 article ‘Why does incense smell religious?’, this aromatic substance became a diagnostic feature...


“The triumph of the senses : sensory awareness and the divine in Roman public celebrations”, Séminaire Synaesthesia

conférence donnée par Mark Bradley (Nottingham),  jeudi 14 avril 2016 16h-18h Musée Saint Raymond, Toulouse   It is well known that Roman triumphal celebrations – annual rites of passage, major festivals and the triumph itself – were a giant multisensory experience for the populus Romanus : vivid colours and gleaming spectacles ; musical instruments and singing that resound through the city ; the odours of burning sacrifice and incense ; the taste of public banquets ; and tactile encounters with cult statues, booty and jostling crowds. But it is not enough just to reconstruct what this synaesthetic experience might have been like.The...

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