“Music and Delicious Sounds in Homer and the Homeric Hymns”, Newcastle, 6 Avril 207

Adeline Grand-Clément participera prochainement au workshop international sur le thème: Ancient Conceptions of Music, qui aura lieu les 6 et 7 avril 2017 à Newcastle.

Sa communication portera sur “Music and Delicious Sounds in Homer and the Homeric Hymns”


The specific questions we have asked speakers to focus on in this interdisciplinary workshop are those which philosophers of music explicitly ask nowadays (but which have not been investigated in any concerted way by classicists or ancient philosophers):  What is musical pleasure?  What value does enjoyment of music bring to human life?  What does the description ‘beautiful’ amount to, and how should we understand emotions, in the case of music?

This is the second of a pair of conferences (the first held in Louvain in December 2016), organised in the form of workshops with plenty of time for discussion.  Essential to both events is the involvement of scholars whose discourses do not often intersect, particularly classicists approaching antiquity as a ‘song culture’, and ancient philosophers.

This conference will open with an introductory lecture and framing discussion led by Professor Nick Zangwill (Philosophy, Hull), whose influential work on beauty, aesthetics and music has helped to shape contemporary philosophical approaches to the workshop’s central questions (e.g. The Metaphysics of Beauty, Cornell 2001; Aesthetic Creation, OUP 2007; Music and Aesthetic Reality, Routledge 2015).

The keynote speaker, Professor Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi (Classics, Stanford) has written extensively on ancient aesthetics (e.g. Frontiers of Pleasure: Models of Aesthetic Response in Archaic and Classical Thought, OUP 2012) and on performance culture and ancient philosophy (e.g. Performance and Culture in Plato’s Laws, CUP 2013).


Zoa Alonso Fernández (Madrid)

Armand D’Angour (Oxford)

Pierre Destrée (Louvain)

Adeline Grand-Clément (Toulouse)

Steve Kidd (Brown)

Pauline LeVen (Yale)

*Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi (Stanford) * KEYNOTE

Tim Power (Rutgers)

Massimo Raffa (Perugia)

Naomi Weiss (Harvard)

Nick Zangwill (Hull)

Organised by David Creese (Classics, Newcastle) and Pierre Destrée (Philosophy, Louvain).

The conference is made possible by generous support from Newcastle University’s School of History, Classics & Archaeology.


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